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Does a repeated issue render your Jeep vehicle unusable or unsafe? Call our law firm today.

Is your Jeep in the repair shop again? If your vehicle shows a serious recurring problem within the original manufacturer’s warranty period, you may have a defective vehicle, commonly known as a lemon.

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California’s Lemon Law and Jeep Vehicles

Under the California lemon law, auto manufacturers must offer car owners a refund or vehicle replacement if the vehicle shows a significant warranty-covered issue that resisted several repair attempts. The law covers vehicles purchased new or used, as long as the defect first showed up within the warranty period.

One example of such an issue is the infamous “death wobble” in Jeep Wranglers. Our law firm can let you know whether Jeep lemon laws apply to your vehicle.

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Common Jeep Defects

As recent Jeep recalls show, different models exhibit a number of persistent issues. Some examples of Jeep defects include:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: Electronic, ignition, and engine problems, faulty software
  • Jeep Cherokee: Steering control problems
  • Jeep Wrangler: Vibration issues (the “death wobble”)
  • Jeep Renegade: Fuel pressure loss
  • Jeep Patriot: Engine problems, transmission issues
  • Jeep Compass: Steering and powertrain problems
  • Jeep Commander: Exhaust leaks, engine issues

Reimbursement You Can Expect Under California Lemon Law

A Jeep lemon law claim could yield several possible settlement proposals from the manufacturer. Usually, it’s one of the following:

  • Refund. The manufacturer could offer to reimburse you for all vehicle-related costs, including the purchase price and any collateral expenses. In this case, you keep the vehicle and may keep driving it, trade it, or sell it at your discretion.
  • Replacement vehicle. Under this option, the manufacturer takes the faulty vehicle back and provides you with another vehicle of similar value.
  • Buyback. The auto manufacturer may offer to buy your Jeep back and cover all associated costs, like your down and monthly payments, the remainder of your lease or loan balance, and related expenses like vehicle towing and rental car costs.

The manufacturer would also have to cover your attorney’s fees and legal costs under California lemon law.

Do You Have a Jeep Lemon Law Case?

You may have grounds for a Jeep lemon law claim if:

  • Your Jeep shows a substantial issue that reduces its performance, safety, or value
  • The defect is warranty-covered and appeared while the warranty was active
  • The problem didn’t originate from vehicle misuse
  • The issue persists despite a reasonable number of repair attempts at a licensed dealership or repair shop

The term “reasonable number” may be debatable. If the issue could cause serious injury to the driver or passenger, even two attempts to fix it could qualify you for a lemon claim. A vehicle may also count as a lemon if it spent over 30 cumulative days in the repair shop.

Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Jeep Lemon Law Claim?

Your lemon case may seem obvious after several failed attempts to have your Jeep repaired. However, you should know auto manufacturers often try to deny or minimize legitimate claims. An assertive lemon law attorney will advocate for your interests throughout the claim process and work hard to negotiate a fitting settlement on your behalf.

Your lawyer will assess your case, help you gather relevant documentation, handle the entire claim process, and represent you in court if your case goes to trial. You have a much better chance of settling your claim quickly and successfully with an experienced lemon law attorney in your corner.

Why Jeep Owners Choose Seven Law Group, APC

So what makes Seven Law Group, APC, a superior law firm for drivers dealing with lemon Jeep vehicles? California Jeep owners choose us for:

  • Experience. We focus 100% on lemon law claims and know how state lemon law applies to Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and other popular Jeep models.
  • Integrity. We’ll give you an accurate case evaluation and explain your settlement prospects.
  • Service. Our dedicated lawyers will save you time and stress throughout your claim.
  • Availability. We’re here to answer any questions and keep you in the loop.

A risk-free process. With a free consultation and no upfront costs, you may start your claim right now without worrying about legal expenses.

Seven Law Group, APC: Powerful Representation for Jeep Lemon Law Cases in California

Are you a Jeep owner dealing with a serious vehicle defect that raises safety concerns or makes your vehicle undrivable? You may be eligible for a refund or replacement vehicle from the auto manufacturer.

Our talented Jeep lemon law attorneys can let you know whether California lemon law applies to your vehicle and represent your interests as you pursue a claim. Call (310) 525-2244 or fill out our online form for a free consultation with an experienced lemon lawyer in LA.

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