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What Is a “Lemon”?

A lemon is a vehicle with serious manufacturing defects that affect its safety, value, or utility and that the manufacturer is unable to fix within a reasonable period of time.

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Ford Defects & Lemons

Common Problems With Ford Vehicles

The Ford Motor Company made history when it introduced the moving assembly line in 1913. Since then, the company has become a household name and brought to market several legendary vehicle models like the ground-breaking Model-T, the iconic Mustang, and the compact Ford Focus.

Despite its many successes, the Ford Motor Company has had its fair share of defective vehicles. Ford cars are generally safe and reliable, but the company has still had to issue numerous recalls over the years. Common defects and reasons for Ford recalls include:

  • Oil leaks
  • Exhaust leaks
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Brake failure
  • Engine issues
  • Power steering issues
  • Doors coming off
  • Faulty gear shifts
  • Faulty spark plugs
  • Faulty rear-view cameras
  • Improperly secured wiring harness
  • A/C and ventilation issues
  • Airbag issues
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Starting issues due to power loss 
  • Electrical problems in the dash 
  • Transmission slippage or jerking 
  • Excessive noise
  • Excessive vibration in the axles or steering column 

What Ford Models Do We Work With?

Any Ford vehicle could be a lemon. At Seven Law Group, APC, our Ford lemon law attorneys help owners of Ford vehicles of all models and body styles, including:

  • Ford F-150 (pickup)
  • Ford F-250 (pickup)
  • Ford F-350 (pickup)
  • Ford F-450 (pickup)
  • Ford Ranger (pickup)
  • Ford Edge (SUV)
  • Ford Escape (SUV)
  • Ford Expedition (SUV)
  • Ford Explorer (SUV)
  • Ford Flex (SUV)
  • Ford C-MAX (sedan)
  • Ford Fiesta (sedan)
  • Ford Focus (sedan)
  • Ford Taurus (sedan)
  • Ford Fusion (sedan/coupe)
  • Ford Mustang (coupe/convertible)
  • Ford Shelby GT500 (coupe/convertible)

Recent Ford recalls include 2020-2021 Lincoln Aviator vehicles due to incorrectly secured battery cable wire harnesses and 2020-2021 Ford F-350 Super Duty vehicles due to a deformed rear axle.

Is Your Defective Ford Vehicle a Lemon?

Are your car’s problems covered under California’s Ford lemon law? You may have a Ford lemon law claim if:

  • You bought or leased a used or new car with an active warranty.
  • You have experienced an issue or multiple issues with your new vehicle.
  • The problem is significant enough to affect the vehicle’s use, safety, or value.
  • You have reported the problem to the dealer or manufacturer during the warranty.
  • The dealer or manufacturer has made reasonable attempts at repair, but the issue persists.

If you meet these conditions, you may have a lemon law claim. The law requires Ford to refund you for your defective vehicle. Alternatively, Ford may give you a replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

What if Your Ford Lemon Is No Longer Under Warranty?

Just because your warranty has expired doesn’t always mean you don’t qualify for a Ford lemon law buyback or cash settlement. California’s lemon law may still apply if your mechanical issues started while your vehicle was under warranty and you contacted the manufacturer before the warranty expired. 

Top manufacturers that are subject to the Lemon Law in California.


Alfa Romero









Ford Motor Company


General Motors

Honda Hyundai






Land Rover




Mini USA


Mercedes Benz




Range Rover







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