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California’s lemon law protects consumer rights against warranty problems in defective vehicles. Contact us at Seven Law Group, APC, for help from a lemon law lawyer on a Ram truck.

Ram vehicle owners may find that they’re making too many repair attempts on a new Ram truck. That Ram truck might actually be a Ram lemon. If your truck is in the shop too often or too long, you might be able to file a claim under the California lemon law.

Here, we explain what constitutes a lemon and what you need to know to file a claim. Contact us at Seven Law Group, APC, to schedule a consultation with a Ram lemon law attorney with years of experience.

What Is the California Lemon Law?

Lemon laws define a lemon as a vehicle with defects that can affect the safety, value, or utility of a car or truck. If you have to make frequent repairs to attempt to fix the same issue multiple times while your car is still under warranty, your vehicle could be a lemon.

Lemon law in California outlines compensation and coverage for lemon law claims, including Ram trucks and other vehicles from this manufacturer.

You may accept a full refund for the return of your vehicle, swap it out for a comparable trade-in, or win a cash settlement and keep the Ram lemon vehicle.

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What Are Common Defects in Ram Trucks?

Common problems in Ram trucks and commercial vehicles include:

  • Fuel system issues
  • Transmission problems
  • Engine stalling
  • Defective airbags
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Steering problems
  • Defective seat belts
  • Issues with the suspension
  • Faulty sensors

Your car, truck, or van from Ram could face one or more issues that make it unsafe to drive. Only take your vehicle to the dealership auto center for repairs while it is still under the manufacturer’s car warranty. Warranty problems may interfere with your claim if you take your car to another mechanic.

The Ram Truck Death Wobble

Your truck or other Ram vehicle may have a defect called the “death wobble,” a severe shaking or steering problem that could stem from any of several issues, including:

  • Unbalanced tire pressure or faulty tire sensors
  • Problems with the steering box or wheel bearings
  • Poor alignment
  • Faulty control arm or steering stabilizer
  • Defective tire rod or track bar
  • Broken or faulty ball joints

These issues can lead to dangerous steering problems. Even if the issue doesn’t seem severe, it can lead to faster or uneven wear on tires, suspension issues, and faster degradation on other systems in your vehicle.

What Models of Ram Pickup Trucks Have Current Lemon Law Claims?

Ram lemon law claims may be valid on any current model of Ram vehicles, including:

  • Ram 1500 pickup truck
  • Ram 2500 pickup truck
  • Ram 3500 pickup truck
  • Ram 1500 Classic pickup truck
  • Ram ProMaster City van
  • Ram ProMaster 2500 van
  • Ram ProMaster 3500 van
  • Ram ProMaster Cargo Van
  • Ram ProMaster 3500 Window Van

If you own one of these Rams and think it may qualify as a lemon, contact us at Seven Law Group, APC, to start the claim process.

Possible Lemon Law Settlements

In California, winning or settling your lemon law claim offers three possible resolutions, including vehicle buyback, replacement, or a cash settlement.

Lemon Law Buyback

Under California Ram lemon law, the manufacturer may buy your vehicle back, including payments you already made on your loan, the remaining balance of your loan or lease, repair costs, and associated costs for tow trucks or rental cars while your truck was in the shop.

Defective Vehicle Replacement

The manufacturer may replace your Ram lemon with a comparable car or truck that doesn’t have the defect.

Cash Settlement and Keep the Lemon Car

The manufacturer may allow you to keep the lemon and pay you for your expenses and estimated future costs. You can then either keep, sell, or trade in your lemon.

How Can a California Lemon Law Attorney Help with Your Claim?

You have four years from the time that you first realize your car is a lemon or four years after your warranty expires to file a claim under California’s lemon laws.

Since the typical Ram warranty is three years, you may only have seven years to file a claim.

Your lemon law attorney can help you gather the necessary documentation about repairs to your car and the number of days it spent in the shop to build your case.

You must give the manufacturer a reasonable number of opportunities to repair your car or truck, but if your truck spends more than 30 days in the shop, you have a strong case under the lemon law.

Contact Our Law Firm for Lemon Law Help with Your Ram Lemon Claim

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