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If you bought a Land Rover or Range Rover and have needed multiple repairs for the same issue, you may have a lemon. Land Rover luxury vehicles and Range Rover sport vehicles are subject to the same lemon laws as other vehicles in California.

If you think your new Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle might be a lemon, contact our Land Rover lemon law attorneys at Seven Law Group, APC, today to schedule a consultation about California’s lemon law.

What Is California’s Lemon Law?

Under California lemon law, a new vehicle requiring several repair attempts for the same issue while the car is under warranty, or spending over 30 days in the dealer shop for the same issues, could qualify it as a lemon.

In order to qualify as a lemon, the defects must affect the car’s safety, utility, or value. These issues can put drivers, passengers, and others on the roadway at risk of serious injury.

As your Land Rover lemon law attorneys, our team at Seven Law Group, APC, can help you pursue a Land Rover lemon buyback, trade-in, or cash settlement under California’s lemon law compensation options.

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Common Problems in Land Rover Vehicles

There are several issues to look out for when purchasing Land Rover vehicles. These different defects can include several minor problems that compound an issue or a single substantial defect in a single vehicle. Some common Land Rover and Range Rover issues include:

  • Faulty door locks
  • Electrical problems
  • Defective airbags
  • Problems with the fuel injectors
  • Faulty parking brakes
  • Brake and rotor defects
  • Overheating engine
  • Coolant leaks
  • Steering system issues

For a valid Land Rover lemon law claim, you must have taken your vehicle to the shop multiple times to repair the same problem while still under warranty, or your vehicle must have spent 30 or more cumulative days in the shop for the same issue.

A Land Rover lemon law lawyer from Seven Law Group, APC, can help you determine if your issues qualify under California’s lemon law.

Models of Land Rovers with Defective Vehicle Claims

Land Rover, Range Rover, and other Land Rover vehicles in their product line all have the potential to be lemons. Your Land Rover lemon could be a vehicle on this list:

  • Land Rover Range Rover
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar
  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport

How to File a Land Rover Lemon Claim

You must follow certain steps to ensure that you’re still eligible to file a Land Rover lemon law claim in the state of California. Steps to take include:

  1. Always take your vehicle to the dealership repair shop so you don’t void your warranty using a third-party mechanic.
  2. Ensure that your dealership mechanic notes in your file that you’re a returning customer seeking repairs for the same issue you’ve had before.
  3. Keep your receipts and other evidence that you’re paying for the appropriate repairs for the issue.
  4. Give the dealership a “reasonable number of repair attempts” to fix the issues with your vehicle before filing a lemon law complaint.
  5. Contact Seven Law attorneys with our firm to help you file your complaint with the appropriate documentation and within the statute of limitations.

Our Land Rover lemon lawyers can help you determine if your particular vehicle model has a greater likelihood of certain issues by performing a thorough investigation of Land Rover lemon law cases around the country for your particular model and year.

How a Lemon Law Attorney Can Help Land Rover Owners with Lemon Law Claims

The statute of limitations to file a lemon law claim is four years from the date of discovery or from the date of warranty expiration. Your attorney can help you gather the necessary documentation and build a case to pursue the appropriate compensation from the manufacturer for your losses.

Fighting for Significant Compensation Under California Lemon Law

California allows three forms of compensation for lemons, including:

Replacement Vehicle Compensation

The manufacturer may trade your car for a comparable vehicle without defects.

Vehicle Buyback Compensation

The manufacturer may buy your defective vehicle for its current value, plus your expenses for repairs and associated costs, as well as your expenses for loan payments and the remaining balance on your loan or lease.

Significant Cash Compensation

The manufacturer may allow you to keep the vehicle and pay a cash settlement for your costs for attempted repairs.

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